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Reliable Backup Fuel for Education Facilities' Emergency Generators, Boilers, and Fleet

Your organization cannot afford to be without power during any kind of natural or man-made disaster. As an education facility, your ability to provide uninterrupted services is even more essential during a disaster. At Phoenix Environmental we are experts in installing, testing, inspecting and maintaining these mission critical systems.

Fuel Management Systems

Doing more with less is the everyday challenge for education customers. We provide dependable solutions with the lowest cost of ownership.

Need to know where everyone is from sanitation trucks to parking meter vehicles? Use our GPS systems to track every vehicle in the fleet in real time. Fuel usage can be tracked by vehicle and employee to help maintain fleet vehicles for maximum efficiency. This also develops a fuel conservation mindset among drivers and operators.

Educational Clients

Phoenix Environmental provides backup fueling systems for many educational facilities. A few include:

  • University of Michigan
    • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Detroit Public Schools
    • Detroit, MI
  • Pinckney Public Schools
    • Pinckney, MI
  • Wayne State University
    • Detroit, MI

Your fuel system experts.